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noun | encyclopedia/culture | Pronounced: \loh-ret-oh\ | IPA: /loʊ rɛt oʊ/ Definition of the Inn and Spa at Loretto One of the inns in Santa Fe, New Mexico, opened in 1975. It is located near the Loretto Chapel, on the former land of the Sister’s of Loretto girls’ school. The exterior is built in the Pueblo Revival architectural style, […]Continue reading


Isabel Ruiz Lucero. Heaven Sent Gaming cofounder, president, chief operating officer, and currently the artist of the team. She is the primary artist and co-writer on most of the team’s comics, co-writer of their novel Craft and the lead writer on the novel Karis, independent artist and illustrator, and co-designer on all of Heaven Sent Gaming’s creations. Isabel also […]Continue reading