Tiny Morrie

Tiny Morrie


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Pronounced: \tahy-nee mohr-ee\ | IPA: /taɪ ni mɔr i/

Definition of Tiny Morrie

Amador Mauricio Sanchez, from Ojo Zarco, a New Mexico music artist. He’s been a leading music performer of New Mexico music, influential since the rock ‘n’ roll era, well through, to the modern era.

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Cultural significance of Tiny Morrie within New Mexico

Known for spearheading New Mexico music, as well as for his contributions to Route 66-style rockabilly, Americana rock ‘n’ roll music. He co-wrote Tommy G And The Charms’ 1966 hit singles “I Know What I Want” & “I Want You So Bad” with his brother Al Hurricane. Tiny Morrie reached success with his first full-length album, Lonely Letters in 1968. The lead single from that album was a rock and roll English translation of Cartas Tristes titled “Lonely Letters”. Another hit album by Tiny Morrie was a collaborative effort, also with Al Hurricane was Para Las Madrecitas. He also contributed heavily to the Hispano and Nuevomexicano Chicano Route 66 Rock & Roll with hit songs like “Everybody Rocks” and “Bernadine”, as well are to several contributions to classic Norteño New Mexico music “La Del Moño Colorado”, “Sangre De Indio”, and “Carmelita”. He married fellow New Mexico music performer Gloria Pohl, and several of their children have become successful New Mexico music and Latin music crossover musicians, including Lorenzo Antonio and the members of SPARX (Veronica Sanchez, Rosamaria Sanchez, Kristyna Sanchez, and Carolina Sanchez).

Tiny Morrie’s hit singles: “Lonely Letters”, “You’re The Girl For Me”, “Mi Madrecita”, “Everybody Rocks”, “No Me Hagas Llorar”, “La Del Moño Colorado”, “La Puerta Negra”, “Carmelita”, and “Ojitos Verdes”.

Examples of Tiny Morrie

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Origin of Tiny Morrie

Amador Mauricio Sanchez. born in Ojo Zarco, New Mexico, in 1940, to Jose and Bennie Sanchez. His brothers, Al Hurricane and Baby Gaby, are also influential New Mexico music performers. His father worked as a miner in Silver City, New Mexico, until he became injured. Raised in a musically inclined family, his mother and father performed in a band called Los Sanchez, he was encouraged to pursue his own musical inclinations. At the urging of his brother, Al Hurricane, he joined his brothers to Clovis where they recorded at Norman Petty Recording Studios. After Norman Petty’s studio closed down, the Sanchez family bought a lot of the equipment and founded Hurricane Records.

First Known Use: 20th century

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